Our August Gathering is coming up soon next Thursday, August 16th. Make sure that you mark it on your calendar for a night of food, fellowship, and worship. Join us at 6:30 pm in Decatur, AL at the Church at Stone River located at: 3014 Danville Rd SW, Decatur, AL 35603

Now is the time to sign-up to SERVE on the upcoming Woman’s walk November 8-11. Contact Sylvia Betts at scbetts81@gmail.com or 256.318.3307 and talk about service opportunities.
APPLICATIONS ARE STILL BEING ACCEPTED FOR THE WALK. The next for the New Life Emmaus Woman’s walk will be held November 8-11, 2018. The Lay Director will be Patty Andrews. Please keep her and the entire team in your prayers. Also, be sure to get your application in soon so the New Life Emmaus Board can confirm that the walk will take place. For more information contact the registrar Myscha Crouch: http://newlifeemmaus.org/2018-walks-announced/


These agape letters were mailed this week from the NLE community, signed by everyone at the last gathering. Please remember these communities in prayer as they have walks in the next few months. You may also go online to our website and follow the link to sign up for prayer vigil times for these walks. www.newlifeemmaus.org

Communities with upcoming walks:

Borderlands Community in Texas
North Houston, Tx
La Ressoreccion, Kissimee FL
Channel Island, Calabasas CA
Blue Lake, Andalusia, AL
Puget Sound Emmaus, Seattle, WA
Southwest Indiana
Bethlehem Emmaus, Headland,AL
Southeast Florida Emmaus
Illinois Prarieland Emaus
Emmanuel Emmaus, Rockwell, NC

Now is the time to sign up to serve on the upcoming Women’s walk November 8-11. Contact Sylvia Betts at scbetts81@gmail.com or 256.318.3307 and talk about service opportunities

Faith = Action

James 2:17 (NIV) Faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.
Think about it how will you and I demonstrate God’s grace through loving actions today?

Do You Have A Pilgrim?

Do you have a pilgrim you want to sponsor for the women’s walk? Many applications have already been received and space is limited, so get applications in as soon as possible. Applications need to be completed by the pilgrim, sponsor and pastor and a check for the $30 application fee. If you are unsure about sponsorship responsibilities, contact any NLE board member.

Don’t forget this week is the Emmaus board meeting. Thursday at 6:30 at the Olive Garden in Decatur. Hope all board members can make it as we prepare for the upcoming women’s walk this fall.

After a day off in the middle of the week most of us have made plans for the remainder of the week. Are you on vacation, or just a day off or did you have to go back to work today, you should have a plan. So my thought for the day is: “What plans do I need to release to God Today?” Think about it and may your day be blessed…..

NLE is accepting applications for the ladies Fall Walk have you decided who you will sponsor? Have you started praying for God to put that lady on your heart? Meet with God today and ask who shall I send…..