Serve On A Community Committee

You Can Serve On A Community Committee

Do you want to serve, but can’t commit to a walk weekend or a board position? Do you feel God calling you to do more? There is a place for you to use your gifts and talents to serve and strengthen your community! Please consider serving on a community committee.

A community committee servant is a non-board person who can chair or serve on a committee in an area of interest. They are not required to attend board meetings but may attend a board meeting when needed in an advisory capacity, or report to the board through a board chair.

Are you musicalMusicians and singers are needed at every gathering!

Are you a creative writer? You could help write some short skits for walk entertainment.

Artistic? There is always a need for individuals, church groups, reunion group, or any other groups to make agape for walks!

Is cooking something you love to do? You or your group could provide lunch for a team meeting (and take some responsibility off the walk lay director!)

Good at organization? Here’s a list of community coordinators needed.

Community Agape Coordinator– works with churches and groups to collects agape throughout the year

Community Silent Servant Coordinator– coordinates with board chairs and the community trainer to help recruit silent servants

Community Refreshment Coordinator– coordinates with churches to supply walk weekends

Community Reunion Group Coordinator– works to keep a current list of Reunion Groups within the community

Are you a good contact person for your church? There is a real need for individuals to serve through their local churches. The following positions would work with the Community Coodinators :

Individual Church Coordinator for Agape– an individual from each church would help collect agape from home church.

Individual Church Coodinator for Refreshments–  an individual from each church would help collect walk refreshments from home church.

Individual Church Coodinator for  Reunion Groups– would be the contact person for your church or area to help connect new pilgrims to Reunion Groups.

Skilled in TechnologyCommunications,Database ManagerDocument Keeper may be your calling.

Have you been involved with New Life for a long time and passionate about preserving its history? You could serve as a Historian and Recording Secretary.

Have excellent verbal skills and a heart for introducing Emmaus to new churches? An Outreach team is needed.

If you are feeling inspired to serve or have any other ideas for service within the community, please let us know! You are needed!

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