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Plans are already underway and teams are being formed for this year’s New Life Emmaus Walks. Our first Walk of this calendar year will be a Men’s Walk on Apr 27-30 with Lay Director Hank Kimbrel. The Spiritual Director for the Walk will be Sandra Locke-Godbey.  The second Walk of this year will be a Women’s Walk on October 26-29 with Lay Director Sylvia Betts.  A Spiritual Director has not yet been determined.

While it is people from New Life Emmaus who “man” the Walks and provide silent servants, we need to always remember that it is the Holy Spirit who truly leads the Walks.

We operate under a covenant with The Upper Room to hold our Walks.  Handbooks guide each member of the team so that each Walk will accomplish its purpose.  And, that purpose is to grow and strengthen church leaders. (That is the reason that everyone who participates in a Walk must be attending a church.)

In fact, everything we do as a community has the growing and supporting of church leaders as it goal.  The Walks and the immediate Follow-up is just the beginning of this ongoing support.  Gatherings allow for the building of a community to support future Walk to Emmaus weekends as well as making visible the Christian community to all pilgrims and guests.  Gatherings and reunion groups also encourage each person in their own individual walk with the Lord.

If you have just taken a Walk, or have not been actively involved in the Emmaus Community, let me encourage you to participate in both Walks this year.  There are lots of ways you can serve:

1). Be a part of the Prayer Vigil.  You don’t actuallyhaveto come to the Walk site to be a part of the prayer vigil.  Look for the link marked Prayer Vigil on this website and sign up for a time that works for you.  While you can pray anytime, it is especially helpful if you sign up for a particular time. That way we can be sure that the Walk is the focus of prayer for its whole 72 hours.

2.) Make agape gifts.  These small gifts of love are an important part of the Walk.  They emphasize that someone cares, and that God love each person.

3.) Attend Candlelight and Closing.  These are the times that each of us can witness to the pilgrims simply by our presence.

4.) Be a Silent Servant for an hour, a day, or the whole weekend.  There is always a need for people to help.  On this website there is a list of Board members and their responsibilities.  Determine an area that you might be of help, and contact that Board member and volunteer.  There is a need,especially on Sunday, for a few extra hands to help as those who have been present the whole weekend are beginning to tire.

5.) Pray for a speaker.  For every talk that is given as part of the Walk, there is someone in the Speaker’s Prayer Chapel praying before, during, and after that talk. Is someone you know giving a talk?  Could you support them by praying?

As you can see, there are lots of opportunities to become involved.  What is it that you will do?

De Colores,

Janet Garrity, Community Lay Director

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