The Walk Is Full

New Life Emmaus Community,

It is with great joy that I get to inform you the we have 16 confirmed pilgrims for the upcoming men’s walk in April. We have met the minimum requirements to proceed with the walk but still have at least 12 open spots for additional pilgrims.

There is still a need for silent servants. If you are interested in serving, you can contact myself or Sylvis Betts for more information.

Reunion groups, small groups, Sunday school classes, youth groups; we need Agape for the men’s walk. Nancy Slaton is the point of contact for Agape. We will need 50 pieces for each agape item.

The walk dates are April 19 – 22. The April gathering will be moved from Thursday, April 15 to Tuesday, April 22 and this will also be the follow-up gathering for the men’s walk. Please plan to attend to welcome the new pilgrims into our community.

The New Life Community also has a texting program that we are using for communication. If you have not been receiving texts for gathering reminders and community updates and would like to, please contact me to be added to the list.

This is an exciting time for the New Life Community. As we get closer to the start of the men’s walk, please continue to lift our Lay Director Bill Crouch, Spiritual Director Ted Amey, our conference room team, silent servants, and confirmed and to be confirmed pilgrims up in prayer. If you have any questions regarding sponsorship, serving, or community schedule, please feel free to give me a call.


Jeff Wittmuss
Community Lay Director

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