Committee Contact Information

Would you like to serve on a certain committee but not sure where to start?

Here is a complete list of the committees and contact information.

Click here for a printable list: 2016 NLE Board Areas of Responsibility

2016 Officers

Community Spiritual Director- Brother Bruce Walters
Community Lay Director- Janet Garrity
Treasurer- Susan Letson

New Life Emmaus Board Areas of Responsibility

According to NLE bylaws, board members will be responsible for the following committees.

For Volunteer Opportunities contact the committee member listed below:

Walk Committees 

Agape & Photographer: Susan Letson  256-566-4532

Candlelight: Lisa Ramey 256-227-1733   

Housing:Patti Peusch  256-603-3624

Registration: Patti Peusch  256-603-3624

Meal Service: Pam Holtzclaw 256-721-5948

Music/Entertainment: Lisa Ramey 256-227-1733

72 hour Prayer Vigil: Rod Yager

Set-up/Closing/Clean Up:  Ricky Walker

Speaker’s Prayer Chapel: Becky Lowery 256-656-1951

Sponsor’s Hour: Patti Peusch  256-603-3624 and Billy Turner

Worship: David Teel

Community Committees Book Table: Susan Letson 256-566-4532

Communications: Walter Cash

Community Training: Bruce Walters 256-230-5101

Follow-Up/Gatherings: Janet Garrity 256-686-1450

Reunion Groups: Janet Garrity 256-686-1450

Walk Supplies: Susan Letson 256-566-4532

Additional Committees 

Humble Servant: Lisa Ramey 256-227-1733   

Team Selection: Walter Cash



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