Just A Quick Reminder

NLE Board Meeting will meet this Thursday March 1, 2018 at Olive Garden in Decatur. The board will be planning for the upcoming Men’s walk, so if you are a board member please plan on attending. See you then….

April 19-22, 2018 they are the dates for the upcoming Spring Men’s Walk.

Have you sent in the information for your pilgrim? What, you don’t have one? Look around you and think about which one of your friends you would like to share the Emmaus experience with. Then visit the Emmaus website, download an application and send it in.

Click to learn more: https://newlifeemmaus.org/sponsor-information/

Silent Servant Training

Are you interested in serving on an upcoming Walk?

Training time is here! Or contact Sylvia Betts for more information.

Orientation and training will be held Saturday morning, March 10 beginning at 8 am alongside the Men’s Walk conference room team. Silent Servants will break out into groups after breakfast for prayer and training.

Contact scbetts81@gmail.com for more information.

Location: The Church at Stone River, 3014 Danville Road in Decatur.