Excitement is building for Walk 35 – and here are ways you can participate!
Sign up for the Prayer Vigil – such an important element of the walk. Share the link with other prayer warriors at newlifeemmaus.org
Sponsor a pilgrim (application must be in registrar’s hand by January 31st ).
Come to candlelight on Saturday, February 29th at 7:45.
Come to Follow-up- Join the community in welcoming the new pilgrims on Tuesday March 3rd at 6:30. Bring a covered dish or two to share.

The 2020 Women’s Walk will be Feb. 27-March 1st, 2020 led by the Holy Spirit and Glennis Wittmuss, walk lay director.

The 2020 Men’s Walk will be Aug. 27-30 led by the Holy Spirit and John Serrano walk lay director.

The 2021 Women’s Walk will be March 4-7, and the 2021 Men’s Walk will be September 30-Oct. 3. Lay directors to be determined.

The first gathering and training/serving opportunity is on Saturday, January 18th at 8:00 am. Come for breakfast (provided by the board) and then stay for communion, silent servant orientation and training. There is a place for you to serve- even if you can only spare a few hours. Or if you’d just like to learn more about working behind the scenes on a future walk, please come! Contact Sylvia Betts @ scbetts81@gmail.com or Patty Andrews @ andrewspra@bellsouth.net for more info
p.s. There is a Visioning Session coming in April. Your voice needs to be heard. Come to the January Gathering on Jan. 18th to learn more!

Women’s Walk 35 Pilgrims and Sponsors needed!
Cutoff date is Jan. 30th and we have not reached our minimum number of 15. Someone you know is ready for this walk! Please help make it happen. The link for applications is on this website, as well as contact info for the registrar and other board members.

Stay Connected!
Five ways you can get the most current New Life Community news:
1. Sign up for texts. Through your cellphone, use this number: 81010 to text this message: @newlifeemm Simple instructions will follow
2. Sign up to receive emails.
To get the most complete information, email us at: newlifeemmausalabama@gmail.com.
3. Follow us on Facebook – New Life Emmaus
4. Visit our website- newlifeemmaus.org
5. Come to gatherings- check our website calendar for times and dates.

Gathering Schedule for the first quarter of 2020:

January 18th- Walk #35 orientation- breakfast, communion, silent servant information and training to follow. Come show the conference room team that their community supports them! Held at Stone River UMC Decatur at 8:00 am.

February 15th – Commissioning of conference room team and silent servants at Stone River at 9:00 am. Everyone in the community is invited to attend this meaningful time of communion and commissioning. Even if you are not serving on this walk, please come!

February 29th- Candlelight at St. Benedictine Retreat Center in Cullman. 7:45 pm. Community shares fellowship and communion together before the candlelight service. Your presence makes a difference!

March 3rd- Walk 35 Follow up Celebration! Potluck- bring a covered dish on Tuesday at 6:30 and shower new pilgrims with love and support. Stone River in Decatur.