Dear New Life Community,

This year of pandemic has been a challenging one for all Emmaus Communities. We have all had to cancel walks, in-person gatherings, trainings and other important events in the life of our communities. The Benedictine Retreat Center in Cullman, where we have held our weekends, has been closed this past year and is just now making plans to reopen to small groups at the end of May. Currently they cannot give us an idea of when we might be able to hold a future walk there.

So we wait and pray and accept that God is at work and certainly in control of this situation.

IN THE MEANTIME…we want to continue to do all we can to stay active in our own community. We will host a Zoom meeting on May 22,2021 at 2:00pm. During this meeting we will discuss resuming our in-person gatherings, and what we will do to remain safe as we reconnect. You will receive an emailed invitation with the sign in information.

Another way we can remain active is to support the walks and encounters in other communities as they begin to reopen. We can do this by sending Agape letters and joining in on their prayer vigils. We will pass this information  on as we receive requests.

Please continue to be in prayer for our own community and its leadership as we strive to remain active and plan for our future. Let your voice be heard and your face be seen during the zoom meeting on Saturday, May 22. Hope to see you there!

De Colores,

Patty Andrews

NLE Community Lay Director

Dear New Life Emmaus Community,

We have truly missed gathering each month and connecting with our Emmaus friends, old and new. That is why we are going to have a virtual gathering, via Zoom, on Saturday, December 19th, from 10:00-11:00am. It will be an hour of catching up on community news and sharing within small groups (via breakout rooms) for a time of reunion.

Please don’t miss this special time! If you’ve never used Zoom before, no worries! You do not need any sort of app. If you will email me, I will send you the invitation link. Hope to “see” you on Saturday the 19th!

Love in Christ,

Patty Andrews
New Life Emmaus Community Lay Director

Dear New Life Emmaus Community,

It seems that all we hear in the news today is negative. But we are “good news” people! God has not left us to our own devices. Jesus is still saving and redeeming, and the Holy Spirit is still moving among His people. Praise God!

We have not been standing still! The board is still meeting regularly via Zoom and looking for ways to keep moving forward. Here are some things we’ve been working on.

 Walks: Because of health concerns and the retreat center closure(temporarily) the men’s walk has been rescheduled. We plan to move forward with the 2021 schedule (if possible). The Women’s walk will be March 4-7, 2021. The Men’s walk will be Sept 30-Oct 3, 2021.

Gatherings: We don’t want to ever forsake our gathering together. We hope that in the fall we can get together beginning with an outdoor event. We will continue to watch for the demise of this virus!

Online training: We’ve discussed having training for conference room positions, as well as silent servant areas. Please send me a text or email if this is something you would be interested in! (

NLE T-shirts: We are looking into the possibility of having community shirts made as a fundraiser. We continue to have expenses (storage, insurance, webpage) and without gatherings, we aren’t collecting any offerings. T shirts would be a fun way to generate some revenue! More info coming soon.

Please let us continue to lift one another up as we wait patiently for the end of this pandemic. If you have a Fourth Day story to share, either share on our Facebook page, or send it to me and I will share it there or on our NLE webpage.

May God bless and keep each of you safe!

Love in Christ,

Patty Andrews

New Life Emmaus Community Lay Director

Upcoming Community Events

Upcoming Community Events

March 3rd Follow Up with Walk #35 6:30-8:00pm
Church at Stone River, Decatur, AL.
Come to welcome these wonderful ladies into our community. Bring a dish to share and hear the pilgrims share their experience with us. Sponsors, please have pilgrims there at 6pm. Childcare will be provided by Stone River.

April 18th Community Gathering/Visioning 9:00am
Church at Stone River, Decatur, AL.
Join us as we gather together to pray into our New Life Emmaus Community and strengthen our purpose of partnering with churches, renewing ourselves to God, and encouraging ongoing growth in our discipleship. A wonderful breakfast will be provided. This will be a powerful day of praying and envisioning together!

May 21st Community Gathering 6:30pm
Church at Stone River, Decatur, AL.
Fellowship during potluck dinner / Information and signups for areas of service for upcoming Men’s Walk #36. Where is God calling you to serve next?

June 20th Community Picnic / Worship & Song Time TBD
Sparkman Park, Hartselle, AL.
Bring your family and friends to join together in a picnic. Singing, Grilling, and Fun!

For more dates, see our calendar on

If you are interested in sending donations for future walk supplies/fees, insurance payments, or pilgrim scholarships, please send those to:
New Life Emmaus Attn: Sylvia Betts P.O. Box 5151 Decatur, AL. 35601

Excitement is building for Walk 35 – and here are ways you can participate!
Sign up for the Prayer Vigil – such an important element of the walk. Share the link with other prayer warriors at
Sponsor a pilgrim (application must be in registrar’s hand by January 31st ).
Come to candlelight on Saturday, February 29th at 7:45.
Come to Follow-up- Join the community in welcoming the new pilgrims on Tuesday March 3rd at 6:30. Bring a covered dish or two to share.

The 2020 Women’s Walk will be Feb. 27-March 1st, 2020 led by the Holy Spirit and Glennis Wittmuss, walk lay director.

The 2020 Men’s Walk will be Aug. 27-30 led by the Holy Spirit and John Serrano walk lay director.

The 2021 Women’s Walk will be March 4-7, and the 2021 Men’s Walk will be September 30-Oct. 3. Lay directors to be determined.

The first gathering and training/serving opportunity is on Saturday, January 18th at 8:00 am. Come for breakfast (provided by the board) and then stay for communion, silent servant orientation and training. There is a place for you to serve- even if you can only spare a few hours. Or if you’d just like to learn more about working behind the scenes on a future walk, please come! Contact Sylvia Betts @ or Patty Andrews @ for more info
p.s. There is a Visioning Session coming in April. Your voice needs to be heard. Come to the January Gathering on Jan. 18th to learn more!

Women’s Walk 35 Pilgrims and Sponsors needed!
Cutoff date is Jan. 30th and we have not reached our minimum number of 15. Someone you know is ready for this walk! Please help make it happen. The link for applications is on this website, as well as contact info for the registrar and other board members.

Stay Connected!
Five ways you can get the most current New Life Community news:
1. Sign up for texts. Through your cellphone, use this number: 81010 to text this message: @newlifeemm Simple instructions will follow
2. Sign up to receive emails.
To get the most complete information, email us at:
3. Follow us on Facebook – New Life Emmaus
4. Visit our website-
5. Come to gatherings- check our website calendar for times and dates.

Gathering Schedule for the first quarter of 2020:

January 18th- Walk #35 orientation- breakfast, communion, silent servant information and training to follow. Come show the conference room team that their community supports them! Held at Stone River UMC Decatur at 8:00 am.

February 15th – Commissioning of conference room team and silent servants at Stone River at 9:00 am. Everyone in the community is invited to attend this meaningful time of communion and commissioning. Even if you are not serving on this walk, please come!

February 29th- Candlelight at St. Benedictine Retreat Center in Cullman. 7:45 pm. Community shares fellowship and communion together before the candlelight service. Your presence makes a difference!

March 3rd- Walk 35 Follow up Celebration! Potluck- bring a covered dish on Tuesday at 6:30 and shower new pilgrims with love and support. Stone River in Decatur.

Agape needed for New Life Emmaus Men’s Walk June 27-30. Please provide 40 pieces of Agape. Please remember not to include personal information or identification on the Agape (small group names are fine). Agape can be delivered to Christy Lamb at The Church at Stone River in Decatur or to Asbury Church in Madison c/o Nancy Slaton. Call Nancy Slaton at 256-724-2676 with questions or other options for delivery of Agape items. Thank you so much!